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Our first hand testimonies on Laminine Food Supplement

The science behind Laminine & why you need it.

Dr. John Ralston Davidson

Originally intended for cancer cure, Dr. Davidson, a Canadian doctor discovered how nature was making a journey towards a healthy and rapid development.

Regular use of Laminine provide:

  • Energy & Physical Strength
  • Stress & Sleep Improvement
  • Mental & Emotional Boost
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Proven to reduce 23% of Cortisol

Research shows that after 12 days of taking Laminine, the cells reaches the baseline of homeostasis. The body immediately response to cell restoration or balancing of certain chemical or hormone such as Cortisol and Serotonin to support the human’s ideal state of health.

The effect of Laminine to those who took it for the first time experienced renewed energy, better sleep, happy hormone”, increased libido, and reduced stress – all supported by user-testimonies and clinical studies. Laminine is not intended to replace your drug therapy.

Regular use of Laminine can keep you away from sickness, weakness or fatigue, mental stress or depression, and provides increased immunity. In a nutshell, Laminine promotes homeostasis or the ideal state of physical health. Laminine food supplement is 100% food grade, distributed and manufactured by LifePharm Global© Network, USA.

To date, there are no known adverse side effects or interaction with drugs. Laminine is 100% food grade and a functional food.

A healing process can be experienced depending on existing health condition.

If you are suffering from an acute infection in the kidney, liver, colon, and or metastasized cancer – you may experience “Healing Reaction”. This happens when a person experiences healing and suddenly responds to it. The body immediately recognizes the toxins in the body and rushes to flush it out. You can continue with your normal day, provided you take enough electrolytes or water to replace and help flush unwanted particles in your body.

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Can I take it with my Doctor prescribed drug?

You can take your prescribed drug maintenance or medicine and take Laminine as a supplement two hours before or after intake. If you are unsure whether you can take food supplement, you may ask your Doctor and relay the ingredients which includes Egg Extract (FGF2), Yellow Pea, & Fish Cartilage. Please mention also that Laminine is supported by clinical studies.

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Dosage depends on your health condition. As a general rule, the more your body needs repairing, the higher the dosage should be. For first time users with no serious ailments, you may take 2 to 4 capsules of Laminine supplement for the first 2 weeks, morning and bedtime. You may take 1 Capsule as maintenance after three to four weeks. Laminine is best taken 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after.

Doctor Recommended

Laminine™ is USDA approved & FDA registered. Our on-board Medical Doctors recommends Laminine as a daily supplement. You can ask your own doctor about Laminine and its ingredients. Laminine is 100% Food Grade, a functional food, and there are no overdosing. Avoid product if you are allergic to eggs.

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Laminine is available through an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of LifePharm Global Network. Laminine is not available in a retail shop or drugstore, you can only buy it on-line or through an IBO near you. Delivery is free in accredited countries. For countries with no auto-delivery, Althea Distributor can facilitate shipping and handling. You can buy Laminine on-line through PayPal, Credit Card or Self-Register at wholesale price – Click here (choose OPTION 1 for fast order).

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