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Welcome to Laminine Distributor – Althea Group

Laminine is a health supplement manufactured by LifePharm Global© USA (LGPN). It has a unique patented formula, OPT9 that contains FGF or Fibroblast Growth Factor. FGF promotes the ideal state of physical and mental health, away from sickness, weakness & depression. FGF directs stem-cells where to go or what to repair in our body.

The Philippines is the first country outside US to introduce Laminine. To date, LGPN has Laminine distribution centers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia with new centers opening in Singapore, Spain & Australia by 2014. Laminine is available through individual and group distributors around the world.

What is Laminine & how it can help

There are hundreds of natural food supplements that can help heal your body or make you look younger. But there will always be a better supplement that can outperform the other.

In 1929 Dr. John Ralston Davison discovered a way to extract the ‘life-essence’ from a nine day old fertilized hen egg. He discovered that the ingredients necessary to create life are at its highest level on the egg’s ninth day. Further tests were done and after decades of both user and clinical research, studies have shown dramatic recovery, recuperation and improvement in persons suffering from certain ailments.

Laminine Supplement contains critical Amino acids our body needs in order to heal itself. Combined with the patented Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF, Laminine directs these nutrients and stem-cells found in our body to repair our damaged body tissues & body organs. Laminine may help save your life! Laminine distributor
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What is Laminine

What is Laminine food supplement? Laminine is a natural food supplement believed to be the only known source of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). According to...

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Laminine Testimonials

Laminine™ was introduced in the US in 2011, its main target were the seniors who needed boost in their degenerating condition. The first users of Laminine Supplement reported dramatic recovery and rejuvenation when they took Laminine as their health maintenance. When Laminine entered the Philippine market, first time users varied from seniors to as young as 2 years old who were suffering from certain ailments.

Testimonials of Laminine users in the Philippines spread like wild fire through social media and Laminine has been hailed by many as a God-given supplement that is helping many patients recover from serious illness. Some Medical Doctors even refer to it as a miracle, a “divinely inspired” discovery that will perhaps change our perception of cure in the near future.

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Laminine Food Supplement is 100% food grade. Its a mixture of chicken egg tissue extracts with fish & vegetable protein. Laminine® contains Opt9™, a Proprietary Blend in 620 mg per capsule. Fertilized Avian Egg Extract. Marine & Phyto proteins. Other ingredients are Vegetable gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.


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